Season Changes and Blogging Changes

I know it has been a long time and no posting. Sorry! I have decided to try out Blogger. I think it’s good to feel out all of my options. So, with the changing of the season, I am changing my blog. Come check it out at thefrillyfemale!

And don’t forget to SMILE!!!!


Blogging: Month Three


A ton of fun things this month. I love summer! I think I will start posting about our family outings throughout the year. There may be some fun things to do that others had not considered.

This month I had 167 views. Anymore, I don’t really worry about traffic. I’m just having fun.

I hope everyone has had a great summer! I know we have. Don’t forget to SMILE!

Fitbit Charge HR Review


I recently started using the Fitbit Charge HR. I gotta tell you, I’m addicted! I LOVE this thing. You can set you weight goal, track your sleep, and more.

I never realized how little I moved around. Well, not anymore. I’ve learned quite a bit about my lifestyle. Things I am working on changing. It’s quite a nice motivator.

I drink more water, thanks to the water track. I try to walk more, thanks to my step tracker. I even use the stairs! And, it’s fun to see your heart rate any time you want.

The tracker seems to be fairly accurate in all fields. I do wish they had a pregnancy mode. No, I’m not pregnant….yet. But, it would be a nice feature. On occasion, it doesn’t track my small cat naps. This could be due to my being a restless sleeper.

I also like that you can challenge your friends. Who doesn’t like a bit of competition? I do recommend this to anyone considering a fitness tracker. The program is so easy to use!

Main Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

On to the main bathroom! This is such an easy room to clean. It takes no time at all.  If you are lacking motivation this is the room to hit. I even put this list in the order of which I do things. Happy cleaning!


You may have noticed that I did not include the shower/bathtub. That is because I have incorporated it into my shower routine.

I keep a dish wand, filled with dish soap, in the shower. About once a week I scrub down my shower and tub while I am in there getting myself cleaned up. The scrubbing doesn’t take long and the water is already running, so rinsing it off is a breeze.

Happy Monday. Keep smiling!

Guacamole Omlette

For breakfast this morning, I decided to make omlettes.  I filled them with cheddar cheese and guacamole. I made the guacamole from scratch. I will post my guacamole recipe if anyone is interested.


A nice healthy breakfast. The half of a banana compliments the omlettes quite nicely. Delicious! Now, what did you have for breakfast? Tell me in the comment box, below.

Keep Smiling!